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Kent Events accommodates many types of visitors throughout the year Events in Kent has a special place in the South East. Kent is the place where many events take place year on year.

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Kent Events

In February each year, Dover Castle holds a Mediaeval Quest event designed for children and families. Visitors are encouraged to explore the castle and find the ‘missing’ knights.

Each May, the town of Whitstable holds May Day events. Traditionally, a performer will dress in a heavy floral garland which covers the body from head to toe. This character is known as a Jack-In-The-Green and is a common feature of May Day celebrations in England. Local people take part in maypole dancing and carnival festivities to celebrate the dawning of a new season.

The town of Broadstairs runs various events through the summer including a mini golf tournament at the local Lillyputt crazy golf course. Fans of normal golf will find two courses in Sandwich, Royal St George’s and Prince’s. In Ramsgate, there is a powerboat tournament every summer, plus a carnival and parade.

Broadstairs has a museum dedicated to the life of Charles Dickens, once a regular visitor to the town. In June, the town organises a Dickens Festival in his honour. Local people dress in traditional Victorian clothing and organise parades, plays and musical performances, many of which relate to Dickens’ books.

In nearby Whitstable, there is an annual nine day oyster festival in July. Horse drawn carriages deliver freshly caught shellfish to local eateries at the beginning of the festival. The event continues with performance and exhibitions, as well as promotion of local seafood dishes. Many visitors also investigate the network of alleyways around the town: Squeeze Gut Alley is a very narrow passageway which is famous locally as most adults cannot walk through it head-on.

In August, visitors go to Broadstairs for the annual Folk Week festival which incorporates traditional music, workshops and a craft fair. There is also a sub-festival, Young Folk, which provides activities for children. Workshops are held for Morris dancing, musical instrument tuition and craft activities. Camping is provided in local school fields for the event. In neighbouring Sandwich there is a festival towards the end of August each year featuring markets, boat parades and live music.

In September, the Broadstairs food festival showcases locally made produce from the Thanet area. During the festival there are various opportunities to enjoy fine dining around the town, and the meals and culinary events are coupled with other cultural happenings which showcase the best that the town has to offer. The event encompasses food-making workshops and classes, a hog roast and a three day Food Fayre where visitors and locals can purchase a wide range of local produce, from meat and cheese to confectionery and puddings.

Dover Castle holds an annual Haunted Castle event every October. A tour of the castle offers visitors the chance to learn about the many ghosts and ghouls which are said to haunt the building. There is also a prize for the best child’s Halloween costume each day.

Every Saturday, the Crampton Tower Museum in Broadstairs hold a guided walking tour of the town. The tour leaves at 2pm. On the fourth Saturday of every month there is an arts and crafts market, Artisan, on St George’s street in Canterbury. And on Sundays between April and September you will find a bazaar in Margate selling local goods, antiques and collectibles.

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