Learn English in Kent

Learn English in Kent

Learn English in Kent

Visitors to Kent who do not speak English as their first language can opt to study an ESOL course. ESOL stands for ‘English for Speakers of Other Languages’ and is a recognised course if you wish to improve or perfect your English skills. ESOL courses are available at Maidstone College, Margate Adult Education Centre, Tunbridge Wells Adult Education Centre, MidKent College, K college and other regional colleges in the Thanet area. ESOL courses are split into levels according to your present ability, and will teach vocabulary and grammar in a classroom setting.

ESOL courses are generally designed for people over 16 years of age. The courses are modern and cover a variety of topics in an interactive manner, including modules about society in the UK and phrases you may need to obtain housing, health care and employment. Special ESOL courses are available if you wish to learn American English or business terminology, perhaps if you are visiting the area for work.

Some colleges offer free ESOL courses to students in need of English tuition, or may be able to reduce the cost for some people. This depends on your own personal situation. Often job seekers and asylum seekers are eligible for help with the cost of learning to speak English. You will need to contact the college or your local Job Centre Plus to find out if you are eligible for help with the cost of your ESOL tuition; you will then be able to find a provider near you who will offer the course at the reduced price. If you need to learn quickly in order to get a job or be available for more job interviews, you may be able to find an ‘intensive’ ESOL course in your area.

Private tutors of ESOL and EFL (English as a Foreign Language) are available in Kent, as well as tutors with TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualifications who have been trained specifically to teach people English in other countries. Local classified adverts in newspapers are a good place to find private tutors, as are websites such as Gumtree.

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